Local Authority Decision Letter






St Monica’s Sixth Form Centre has lots going for it, but then again so do you.

We understand your future is important, and we want you to feel confident that you are making the best decision.

In today’s competitive marketplace you need to make yourself stand out from the crowd. By opting to study at our sixth form centre we will support you to do exactly that. Our courses are designed to provide you with all the skills and qualifications that employers are looking for. Combining innovative classroom learning with university and industry acredited courses and real life work experience. Our friendly and professional teaching staff will encourage you to achieve and maximise your abilities within one of the most unique state of the art and modern learning environments in Greater Manchester.

Our small class sizes enable us to give you all the classroom support necessary and the outstanding pastoral care you will recieve whilst with us, will help you learn in an evironment where you feel safe and secure.

Whatever your needs, goals or aspirations, you can be assured that we will be behind you every step of the way.

St Monica’s Sixth Form Centre means a new start, new people to meet and exciting new opportunities. It is a chance to study in a more adult environment, to be a proper student and to begin laying plans for your future.

Mission Statement

St. Monica’s is a Catholic community working in partnership with families, schools and parishes to teach the Catholic faith as a way of life. We provide a caring, supportive environment where everyone is of equal worth. Jesus Christ is central to our school and our main aim is that everyone can develop their God given talents and gifts to the full, while growing in faith through prayer and service.